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Are you ready for the hurricane season?  Hurricanes can easily come through and rip your trees apart, breaking off branches and/or causing the entire tree to fall.  There is no way to determine which way the tree falls whether on your house, car, next door neighbor’s house, etc… It is always best to use precaution when considering the hurricane season in the Central Florida area.

Trees to watch for:

  • Dead or dying trees
  • Branches that are slowly breaking away from the tree
  • Trees with small trunks
  • Rotting or hollow trees
  • Trees with dense canopies

Some trees are strong enough to withstand the winds from a hurricane and others are not.  Keeping your trees trimmed and pruned are best.  Also removing any tree that is weak.  Please do not let a hurricane decide that for you, call GRANT’S TREE SERVICE and our trained estimator will help you navigate through what should be removed, etc…


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